Can a Professional Locksmith Make Your Business More Secure?

Posted on: 26 October 2020

Burglary is, unfortunately, an issue that many businesses, whether big or small, deal with. Australian retailers lose $2.7 billion annually due to criminal acts that include employee theft and shoplifting. Losses due to theft and burglary will affect your business's viability, and you should keep improving your security to protect your assets. While a locksmith will fortify different entry points from burglary, you should also invest in other security measures, including monitoring systems, security bars and gates, and alarm systems.

Preventing Burglary

When burglars are trying to get into your premises, they will try and compromise your door locks to gain entry. They will be successful if you don't have quality locks or if you have vulnerable doors.

The first thing that a professional locksmith will do is to install a quality lock mechanism. An upgraded system will probably mean electronic locks that restrict who can enter the building. Electronic locks can be opened with codes, key cards, mobile apps, or biometrics, and they will boost your property's security.

A skilled locksmith can furnish your doors with deadbolts, which are among the most effective locks for keeping burglars out. If you have a latch-based lock close to a window, a burglar can simply break the window and reach inside to turn the doorknob and open the door. On the other hand, a deadbolt is sturdier and harder to pick, and it will provide better security for your firm.

Installing and Repairing Safes

A safe will protect your firm's most valuable assets from theft and help you comply with your insurance policy's requirements. A reliable locksmith will also upgrade the security system on your safe to make it more foolproof.

Modern solutions range from fingerprint recognition to Bluetooth-enabled safes, depending on the nature of your business. Do not compromise your firm's safety with outdated and old safes, as a locksmith can quickly upgrade your system to modern standards.

Rekeying Locks

If your business employs many employees, it will be very costly to change your locks every time one of them leaves. Personnel changes are a security risk since former employees can leave with the keys to your premises and retain access. The risk is even higher if you rent out space to other businesses who may also retain their keys after vacating your building.

A cost-effective approach to restricting access to your property is hiring a professional locksmith to rekey your locks. You will get new keys to work with your current locks and avoid the costs of replacing the locking mechanism.