4 Ways to Add Style to Your Home

Posted on: 27 November 2017

Adding style to your home doesn't have to be a costly or a daunting exercise. With just a little thought and planning with proper planning, you can transform your home into an attractive abode.  The following are some different ways to improve the appearance of your home.

1.    Upgrade the lighting

A room can instantly be transformed by having great lighting. Lighting can highlight certain spaces in the room and change the mood of the room. It doesn't have to be invasive and expensive. With a proper budget, you can go for hanging pendants and chandeliers, or you can have built-in spotlights. If you do chandeliers and pendants, make sure they are high enough to create enough space below. A simpler way of stylish lighting would be by adding table lamps or large floor lamps for a cosy look. 

2.    Add some colour

This is yet another way that you can change the look of your room especially if it has neutral colours. If you are not a proponent of the minimalist idea of white, black or beige, think outside the box and splash some colour on the walls and ceiling. Colour doesn't have to revolve around painting alone; you can have a mixture of bright colours in the form of pillows on the furniture, an artistic drawing on the wall or a shag rug.  

3.    Go for a statement piece

A statement piece can be a sure way of adding style to your home. This can be in the form of a piece of expensive-looking furniture, an antique piece of art, or an orb that can be placed on the table in the living room or study. Have something that stands out proudly in the room against all the other items. This will make a bold statement of a homeowner who has a taste for antiquity and artistic design.

4.    Make a good first impression

Front doors always have a great impact on the curb appeal of a home. One of the best ways would be to change the door handles to something elegant and stylish. With the many door handle designs on the market, you wouldn't miss a design that will bring out the best in your home. Additionally, consider painting the door with a vibrant colour. 

In conclusion, while space and finances might determine how far you can go with home styling, even adding that small greenery in your exterior or interior space can go a long way.