Residential Security: Three Guidelines for Preventing Lockout Emergencies

Posted on: 14 February 2023

Sturdy and durable door locks are indispensable for a residential security plan. Most robbers and burglars are not sophisticated and will not have specialised tools and equipment for break-ins. Therefore, a quality lock attached to a resilient door will often act as a deterrence to intruders. Unfortunately, these locks can also cause frustration during a lockout. Lockouts occur when the keys are lost, damaged or locked inside. You can prevent an emergency of this kind by taking steps to prevent or manage a lockout. Here are crucial tips to keep in mind if you are thinking about improving your home security.

Clean and Lubricate

The most frustrating lockout will occur when you have your keys but cannot open your door. For instance, the mechanism in the lock might get stuck and fail to operate when the key is inserted. In some cases, the key will break within the keyhole, making it impossible to restore the lock. You can prevent this problem by cleaning your locks regularly by wiping the accessible surfaces. Also, lubricate the keyhole by spraying a dry lubricant inside and turning the key to spread it. This practice will keep the mechanism mobile and prevent sticking, especially in dusty and humid environments.

Check Key Condition

You should make sure the residential keys are in the best condition possible. If your keys have damage, such as bends, cracks and rust, they will fail to operate in the future. They might stick in your lock even if the keyhole is well-maintained. If you are concerned about the current state of your keys, acquire a replacement from your locksmith. You can take the opportunity to make spares in case you experience a lockout emergency. Locksmiths can also rekey your lock if you would like to reinforce your home and prevent access to people who might have copies of your old keys. Additionally, consider purchasing a personal tracker and attaching it to your keys to ensure you can find them easily with your phone.

Choose a Locksmith

The right precautions can prevent residential lockouts and the ensuing frustration. However, unexpected situations can occur, leaving you unable to enter your home. In this case, you will need to find an emergency locksmith to resolve the situation. It is advisable to choose your locksmith before this type of incident occurs. Remember, if you select and hire a locksmith during a stressful situation, you might have poor judgement. Therefore, plan on time and find a professional with a good reputation, around-the-clock service and suitable geographical coverage.

For more information, contact an emergency locksmith in your area.