8 tips to prevent burglary at home

Posted on: 29 November 2017

Most burglaries are opportunistic crimes. Some thefts are also planned. In such cases, burglars already know what valuables to target in the house. You can make your home unappealing to thieves by implementing a few measures as listed below. Find out what can apply to your home and execute it.

1.    Keep valuables out of sight

This is a simple yet powerful move. Burglars on the prowl are always looking for high returns. They focus on valuables they can see. So, it helps to keep that big TV or new laptop out of sight by drawing curtains when you are away.

2.    Install robust locks

Burglars can easily open some locks and disable others by brute force. Buy high quality and secure locks and have them installed by a competent locksmith. Go a step further and install strong locks for your windows as well.

3.    Install alarm systems

Burglars prefer easy thefts with easy getaways. If they trip an alarm, they'll run off. With luck, they can be caught before they go far.

4.    Keep a dog

Dogs also deter burglars. Even small dogs can be a nuisance to burglars and drive them away by barking. 

5.    Disguise your absence

If you go on a long trip or vacation, ask the neighbours to create an appearance that your house is occupied by picking your mail. Reinforce the appearance by installing motion sensitive lights. The lights will spook a burglar creeping around your property and probably scare them off.

6.    Secure fencing and gates

You can make it hard work for burglars to even enter your property with secured fences and gates. This deters most burglars since they'll target easy pickings.

7.    Update your security periodically

After a year or two, some locks become obsolete as thieves learn how to breach them. Alarm systems also need security updates since modern burglars learn to disable them with time.  The best way to go about updating your security is to consult your service providers and find out what has become obsolete. Ask your locksmith to do a check or render an opinion after a year or two. 

8.    Reinforce doors and windows

Ensure your door can withstand kicks. Use solid wood or metal doors. Secure windows with burglar proof grills to prevent forced entry. Finally, remember to lock the doors and windows wherever you are away or asleep.


Burglars can strike at any time so secure your house and lock all entrances even if you are rushing to the neighbourhood store. It also pays to be vigilant; you might notice someone watching your home.