Live in a Remote Area? Questions to Ask Your Nearest Mobile Locksmith

Posted on: 30 November 2017

Having an issue which requires a mobile locksmith is inconvenient at the best of times, but it can become downright dangerous when you live in a rural or remote area.

What happens if you're in the middle of nowhere and your key breaks off in your ignition? Or you accidentally lock your keys inside your vehicle? You shouldn't take it for granted that a local locksmith will be able to get to you as quickly as you'd like - or even get to you at all.

Having a reliable mobile locksmith to call on is essential when you live remotely. Here are some questions to ask before you choose a company.

How well do you know the local area?

Does your locksmith know the rural lanes like the back of their hand, or will they struggle to navigate the moment he leaves the town? Hiring a locksmith with good local knowledge is essential - especially if you don't know the area very well yourself.

You could well end up stranded on a road you don't know the name of, so being able to call a locksmith who can figure out your location based on local landmarks is essential.

How far do you travel to call-outs?

Is there a maximum distance that the locksmith will travel? Ask them for details, and check that your usual routes aren't through areas your locksmith doesn't cover. If they are, ask for recommendations of other mobile locksmiths in the area, or emergency locksmiths who are willing to travel further.

Are you open 24/7?

Being stranded on a rural road in the middle of the night isn't much fun. If you're locked out of your vehicle, you may not even have anywhere to shelter.

Most emergency mobile locksmiths are open 24 hours, but not all of them. Be sure to find out before you're stranded, and ask whether not they operate during holidays and special occasions.

What happens if you can't fix the lock?

If your lock issue can't be fixed by the mobile locksmith, what will they do? Are they able to give you a lift back to civilisation? Can they call a company to tow your car? Not all issues can be fixed on the roadside, so it's important to know what happens when your problem can't be solved there and then.

Living in a remote area comes with some unique challenges. Prepare for the possibility of being locked out of your vehicle by asking your nearest mobile locksmith these questions.