It's All Fun and Games Until Your Kid Locks Themselves in the Car

Posted on: 7 December 2017

Oh, the joy of young children, to whom almost everything can be a game. It's adorable and hilarious much of time, but not so much when they playfully lock themselves in the car. This might be a frustratingly amusing scenario that can be brought to an abrupt end when you're at home and have a spare set of keys handy, but this is not always the case. While the whole thing might have started as a game, or it might be that your child accidentally triggered the locking mechanism, it can become rather serious, rather quickly. Of course, once a child reaches a certain age, they will respond to your "not kidding around" tone of voice and will unlock the car themselves like their life depended on it. It can be a potentially dangerous situation when your child is too young to understand that they need to unlock the car immediately for their own safety. Quick action is needed to stop the situation from escalating.

A Private Car Park

If such an event was to occur in a private, monitored car park (such as at a shopping centre), just look up. There will generally be signs displaying the telephone number for the shopping centre's security department. In a pinch, you can also use a smartphone to quickly access the information. Call them immediately. They can dispatch a security guard to gain entry to your vehicle.

On the Street

If your child locks themselves in the car in an unmonitored location (such as on the street), then you will need to take immediate action, particularly if it's a hot day when your child's health can quickly be in jeopardy. Don't hesitate to call the police. State the urgency of the situation, and officers will quickly be dispatched to your location in order to gain entry to your car.

At Home

If the lock-in occurs while your car is parked in your garage (and you don't have a spare set of keys), then the heat inside the vehicle might not be as much of a concern as if the car was parked in direct sunlight. Contact an automotive locksmith who offers an emergency service. They will quickly arrive at your home and will be able to unlock your vehicle only moments after that. You might be tempted to take the cost of the callout from your child's pocket money!

While it has the potential to be a serious problem, some quick action on your part means that your child locking themselves in your car should only ever be an annoyance rather than an emergency.