3 Possible Causes of Why Your Safe Won't Open and What To Do

Posted on: 8 January 2018

Envisage a scenario where you attempt to open your safe to access most of your important documents including your passport, land title, or academic certificates only to run into issues with the safe. After entering the code, the safe remains stuck shut. What is wrong? Why is the safe not working now considering that you opened it yesterday? If you're caught up in this unfortunate situation, don't panic. Safes can stop working for several reasons. Whatever the reason, a professional locksmith can troubleshoot the problem and pick suitable options for opening it. This article highlights some of the possible causes why your safe can suddenly stop working. Read on.

1. A dead battery

Sadly, an electronic safe that is left unattended for far too long can lose enough battery charge, so the keypad does not function. The work of the battery involves the provision of power to enable the electronic transmission from the safe's keypad to its locking mechanism. The first indication that the safe's battery power is low is a prolonged series of beeps and flashing LED display every time you key in the code. When you hear no beep sound when entering your code, it's a clear indication that the batteries and now totally dead. In this case, replace the batteries in your safe.

2. Lockout mode

If you or someone else may have entered the wrong code several times, the safe may go into lockout mode as part of its security feature. The majority of safes have a lockout time frame should someone attempt to open it using the wrong code. If you suspect the lockout mode, wait for a couple of hours or even a day before you can try to input the code again.

3. Jammed bolt

While safes are intended to be mechanically accurate, the locking bolts may jam for several reasons. Case in point, bolts may suffer misalignment if you apply too much force. Moreover, the bolts may also lock up and prevent the safe from opening if routine safe maintenance is ignored. Plus, transporting a safe from one area to another may also lead to jammed bolts and can be noticed when the locking mechanism is unable to rotate and allow access to the safe.

The majority of the problems mentioned above may be averted by sticking to a routine safe maintenance procedure. However, if your safe refuses to open, don't dither to get in touch with a professional locksmith.