Key Broken in the Lock? Use These Tips to Get Into Your Home

Posted on: 19 March 2019

Breaking a key in a lock can be a scary experience. You might wonder whether you are going to be forced to wait outside until an emergency locksmith arrives. The following tips could help you to get into your home in a pinch.

1. Don't Forget About Spare Keys

Before you call a locksmith, take a moment to think whether there are any spare keys that you could use to access your home. Have you given a key to a neighbour or friend? Does your landlord or rental agency have a key? You could save a lot of money by calling that person rather than an emergency locksmith.

Note that this tip is only useful if you can get the key out of the lock to allow the spare key to slide inside. If a part of the key is stuck inside the lock and you can't get it out, you will need to try the other tips or call an emergency locksmith for help.

2. Turn the Broken Key

If part of the broken key is sticking out of the lock, you might be able to turn it to open the door. This is much easier if you have an appropriate tool to allow you to grip the broken end of the key, such as a pair of pliers. Ask your neighbour whether you can borrow some pliers and try this trick.

3. Unlock the Door Using a Screwdriver

If part of the key is stuck inside the locking mechanism but is not protruding, you need a screwdriver with a flat head instead of pliers. Slide the edge of the screwdriver head into the lock and rotate it to release the locking mechanism.

This trick might allow you to get into your home, but you should not consider it a solution to the problem. Your home is not secure if anyone can unlock your door using a screwdriver due to the broken key fragment inside it. Call a locksmith to remove the key fragment or replace the lock.

4. Unlock the Door Using a Credit Card

If you do not have a screwdriver and can't borrow one from a neighbour, you could try using a credit card. Slide the corner of the card into the lock and turn it; the broken key parts inside the lock should allow the locking mechanism to release.

Note that this tip presents a risk of breaking your card. It is best to use a card that you do not rely on or that you can easily replace.